Material Handling

With the constantly evolving material handling industry, traditional technologies are being pushed by the changing workforce. Handling technologies are becoming more automated, to fit shorter project timelines. Cable systems are needed that can handle the repetitive movements found in automated machines and robots.

Material handling involves many different facets of the automation industry such as automated guided vehicles, storage and retrieval systems, conveyor systems, as well as palletizing and sorting systems. Its used in industries such as automotive, mining, food and beverage, medical, and e-commerce making it a fixture in industrial applications.

Our strengths are primarily in the continuous-flex and high-performance cable market. Our customers want cables that will go in cable tracks and last for 10 million cycles, go on robots and twist for 10 million cycles, and are flexible enough with the right UL/CSA approvals to be installed in very tight spaces or very severe environments and extreme temperatures.

Video: Material Handling Cabling Capabilities

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